Schedule of WUCOR

The format of WUCOR will feature two contributions in the form of papers presented by their authors and an introduction on the state of the art of UML Consistency rules. The rest of workshop day will be dedicated to working groups activities and discussions for the production of deliverable results.

If you will be attending MODELS 2015, we are pleased to invite you to WUCOR 2015. WUCOR is a free event only for all the attendees of MODELS 2015 registered to Full conference or Satellite Events. If you are not registered to Satellite Events, you will have to extend your registration fees to attend WUCOR.

WUCOR will be happening in the room YORK at the Delta Ottawa City Centre.

How to register to WUCOR

If you are thinking of attending our workshop, please register to WUCOR by updating your MODELS registration. Your MODELS registration receipt contains within it a link to access and edit  your registration. The registration system works like Google Docs. As soon as you type, your changes are saved.  You can choose to attend WUCOR by means of the MODELS registration link.

Time Duration Activity
7:00am 1hr45min Breakfast in the Ballrooms A and B
8:45am 5min Welcome to WUCOR
8:50am 25min Bernhard Hoisl and Stefan Sobernig. Consistency Rules for UML-based Domain-specific Language Models: A Literature Review
9:15am 25min Dan Chiorean, Vladiela Petrascu and Ioana Chiorean. Proposal for Improving the UML Abstract Syntax
9:40am 40min 1st Actvity: Dimensions of UML Consistency
10:20am 25min Coffe Break
10:45am 1hr 2st Actvity: UML Diagrams involved in UML Consistency
11:45am 1hr15min Lunch Break in the Ballrooms A and B
1:00pm 10min Introduction to UML Consistency Rules
1:10pm 1hr50min 3rd Activity: UML Consistency Rules in Model-Driven Development
3:00pm 20min Coffe Break
3:20pm 1hr25min
Discussion and Presentation of Results
4:45pm 15min Conclusion, Summary and Next Steps